We had TWELVE of them, yes 12!!! 3 were rescues, and 3 are the puppies from Daisy. Kozmo died 11/10/09 putting us at 11, then we got Tiberius, and Abby bringing the total up to thirteen, 13, and then Delilah died on 05/20/11. Rocoo died on 6/30/12, leaving us with 11 dogs, we also have 2 cats well 3 if you count the stray we feed, Elwood, Dolly and Bruce (the stray) and one Bearded dragon CornHolio!!!

Kobain yes named after Kurt Cobain and yes I spelled it with a "K" is the oldest of our herd he is a Cocker Spaniel.

This is Diablo, yes a boy name but I named here after Jesse James's El Diablo bike.


Doesn't this look comfortable? She always lays on her back like a dead roach.


Kozmo, yes named after Kozmo Kramer, is the biggest of the herd and second oldest, he fit in the palm of my hand when we got him from Erica's brother, now he is 60 lbs or so. Kozmo became ill and passed away 11/10/09. Diablo a Patterdale Terrior just loves Kozmo.

Diablo on the left, Kozmo middle, Delilah on the right


From Left to Right
Rocco, Delilah and Petey

3 chihuahuas

Delilah died on 05/20/11 and Rocco died 6/30/12


Rocco was a rescue from a drunk a block over, they were selling him at a garage sale for $100, Erica gave them $20 and he is home now, those bastards would beat him with a fishing pole. He is OLD and has just 3 teeth, and some hideous breath!!! :D


Slim who was skinny as hell and he has lost most of this teeth

Pudge was locked up with Slim, that is Shrek in the background

Daisy below became pregnant from Pudge and Slim and some other dogs because of their previous Dumbass owner who had her locked up with Pudge and Slim and she some how she got out of the house to get some from yet another dog, hence the 4 blacks puppies, 2 golden puppies and Sludge the Collie. Daisy is a sweet dog she just has this thing about licking all the damn time.

mom and pups

Daisy's puppies, there were 7, 1 was still born and he was big, we kept 3 of them,
Fiona, Shrek and Sludge


Shrek on the left, Pudge and then Delilah on my lap.

and here is Sludge with Shrek in the background

Here is Sludge when she was TINY

Here is Tiberius, 110lbs, Pitbull/Ridgeback

And the latest is our 3 lb Chihuahua, ABBY!!! She give Tiberius HELL!!!