P O W E R 6 5 0

In case you haven't figured it out I am a OLD SKOOL Rockford Fanatic, the new stuff in my opinion is crap. Thus explaining why I have 5 old skool Power 650's. The fan shroud on the 3rd one was pretty beat up, so I stripped it and am about to get it chromed, eventually they will all be chromed. The one at the bottom is the newest Power 650 as is evidence of the 4" fan, the older power 650's came with the 2" fan, as you can see below the newer power 650 fan shroud is about 2" longer, the amp itself is the same.

4 power 650's

black 650

This one came chromed.

chrome 650

This shroud was beat to hell and is about to be chromed.



stripped 650

This as I said up above is the newest production power 650,

newest power 650 4in fan

Crossover and 2ch/4ch switch

crossover and switch

Here's the boards.
This is the newest production board.

And here is the older board, notice the lack of solder mask

This is the latest production run, note the solder mask on the board, hence the color.

Now someone some where broke off the heat sink of a fet near the top 2200uF cap, its works fine, its for the fan voltage. I purcahse this amp from Mobile 1 car audio, they had it in the sound room. They had also wired the fan to run constant

The manual shows the DIN cable was for connecting to a EQ called a PreZ, there were 2 models, one with dbx noise reduction and one without dbx, one of mine has a DIN cable, most people remove them and conver tto rca inputs. Power 300's had this DIN.


Here's a facebook freinds PreZ's

Here's the old skool Power 300 Schematic
Here's the old skool Power 650 Manual
Here's the old skool Power 650 Schematic
Here's the old skool Power 1000 Schematic


Here's my old skool Rockford RF2000 home amps.
Here's my Home RF200 preamp

If you have any other info or know of any other web sites please


September 23, 2014